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Wall Painting | 3 Rent-Friendly Wall Colour Strategies Before Staging A Home Inspection

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If you've decided to paint your home before giving it out on rent, then you've made a good decision because many tenants are willing to shell out more for freshly painted interiors. Wall painting not only renews the look of your walls, but uplifts your entire home to make it more attractive. But choosing the right colour scheme is never easy. This guide equips you with some rent-friendly wall colour strategies before you stage a home inspection.

Choose Your Colour Wisely

Colour is a vital choice when it comes to painting your rental apartment because the shade you choose can potentially attract or deter tenants. Neutral shades like beige and cream are often underrated colours and are usually slapped on walls as mere bases for more bold colours. But these neutral shades have the power to brighten and infuse space in rooms thanks to their light and soothing appearance. Neutral shades are known for their gentle subtleness without overpowering any space, allowing you the opportunity to attract different kinds of tenants who are looking to introduce their own personality to the home. Alternatively, off-white for wall painting is a striking colour in its restraint because it allows you to make a room look cheerful and bright without being too overbearing on the eye.

Highlight An Interesting Wall With A Feature Colour

If you have an interesting wall with the potential to turn into an attractive feature in the room, then you may want to add a striking colour to infuse character and depth by driving away the monotony of a single shade. For instance, a wall where people would typically place televisions, paintings or fireplaces can be deemed as feature walls. Royal blue is an ideal feature wall painting colour when paired off against an off-white or pale yellow room. Similarly, burnt orange presents a brilliant contrast when offset against beige and cream wall colours. These scenarios create ideal backdrops for tenants looking to make the room come alive with contrasts, so you're likely to find many takers for the home with these wall painting choices.

Go Light To Make The Space Seem Bigger

No tenant wants to feel bogged down by space, so choose light wall painting colours to make the space feel bigger and more open. When it comes to choosing light colours, you have a myriad of choices, whether you decide to go for neutral shades, white shades, earthen shades or pale shades. Light colours make it easier for tenants to pair with their existing furniture and feature a calming and soft look in any room. This makes them excellent rent-friendly colour choices when it comes to wall painting.

If you're looking to rent out your home, consider these appealing wall painting colour strategies before you decide to stage a home inspection.