Useful Tips and Inspiring Ideas for Paint an Wallpaper

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Solutions to Common DIY Painting Challenges

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Some hobbyists get less than satisfactory results as they paint due to the challenges that they cannot resolve. Implement solutions to improve the following outcomes of your DIY painting projects. Poorly Flowing Paint Some types of paint, such as high-gloss paint, may be hard to work with because it does not flow easily, but it dries quickly. You can improve the workability of such paint by using an additive so that the paint takes longer to dry. Read More»

Three Novel Wall Decoration Ideas for Your Restaurant

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Want to create a restaurant that offers a truly memorable experience to diners and not just a place to get a snack? Then you need to start from the ground up. Decor plays a huge role in the look, feel and experience of dining in a restaurant. Dull colours, peeling wallpaper or dated decorations won’t create a good impression. On the other hand, novel design ideas, interesting execution and creativity can easily turn a restaurant from average to amazing. Read More»

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Hanging Your Own Wallpaper

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Hanging wallpaper is a good way to add colour and style to any room, and to add some texture to walls without the hassle and headache of fancy painting techniques. You can also use scrap or leftover wallpaper for coordinating projects, such as covering the front of dresser drawers or wardrobe doors. While wallpaper can add a great touch to any room, hanging it isn’t always as easy as you might assume. Read More»