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Fifty Shades Of Grey... And More | 3 Sharp Strategies To Feel Cosy With The Right Grey In Your Bedroom

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Grey is one of the most versatile and stylish colours that can add relaxation and refinement to any bedroom, but finding a paint shade that best suits your wall needs can often be tricky without the right advice. This commentary arms you with some sharp strategies to help you feel cosy with the right grey in your bedroom. Consider A Neutral Undertone To Go With Your Grey For A Lighter Feel Read More»

Wall Painting | 3 Rent-Friendly Wall Colour Strategies Before Staging A Home Inspection

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If you’ve decided to paint your home before giving it out on rent, then you’ve made a good decision because many tenants are willing to shell out more for freshly painted interiors. Wall painting not only renews the look of your walls, but uplifts your entire home to make it more attractive. But choosing the right colour scheme is never easy. This guide equips you with some rent-friendly wall colour strategies before you stage a home inspection. Read More»

3 Steps to Prepping a Door Prior to Painting

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Painting your entry door provides you a way to improve your curb appeal and have a fresh, new look for your home. Whether you simply give it a new coat of paint with the same colour, or decide to change its colour, there are some things you need to do before painting. Follow these easy methods for prepping the door before painting it. Clean the Door Thoroughly The first thing you should do is decide if you will paint the door while it is on the hinges or not. Read More»

Expert tips on preparing old plaster walls for painting

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Owning a historic home has its own charm and unique advantages. These houses were constructed by genius craftsmen who paid attention to detail, and some have been passed over generations for hundreds of years. However, the walls may be degrading and may need a renovation or comprehensive paint job. Before working on the old plaster walls, there are a number of things you need to have in mind. Comprehensive preparation is very important because it’ll ensure you don’t work on any repairs in the near future. Read More»

Success Tips for DIY Residential Painters: Repainting Exterior House Walls

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Painting the exterior of your house is a nice way to improve both the functional and curb appeal of your home. House exteriors that have been evenly painted not only look nice, but they are also sufficiently protected from exposure to harsh weather elements like direct sunlight and rainwater, which may cause a lot of costly damage. But, if the painting job is shoddily done, you can be sure that the outcome will be far from pleasant and the finish won’t last for long. Read More»

Need A Paint Job? 4 Types Of Paint Finishes For Your Home

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If you have decided to paint your home, then choosing the level of paint sheen you desire will depend on the specific room and wall. Before you choose the sheen, you must consider the qualities offered by each type. This guide is designed to help you choose between different types of paint finishes when working with painters for your home. Flat Or Matte Finishes Flat or matte paint finishes don’t have a shine because they diffuse light that reflects from paint to provide a smooth finish. Read More»