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Fifty Shades Of Grey... And More | 3 Sharp Strategies To Feel Cosy With The Right Grey In Your Bedroom

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Grey is one of the most versatile and stylish colours that can add relaxation and refinement to any bedroom, but finding a paint shade that best suits your wall needs can often be tricky without the right advice. This commentary arms you with some sharp strategies to help you feel cosy with the right grey in your bedroom.

Consider A Neutral Undertone To Go With Your Grey For A Lighter Feel

Greys come in all kinds of shades –– from charcoal and pewter to silver and gunmetal. But they can also come in different intensities that you may not necessarily want for your bedroom walls. To combat strong grey intensity, consider a shade with a neutral undertone to infuse a lighter and more airy feel to your bedroom. A grey paint shade with a neutral undertone adds a degree of warmth and cosiness to the space, making it an excellent choice for your bedroom. 

Go With A Light Grey Shade To Open Up The Bedroom Space

This strategy is perfect for homeowners who have smaller spaces to work with because light grey shades tend to open up the room, while dark grey shades can potentially make it feel more confined and smaller. To the naked eye, light tends to reflect off paler grey colours, which gives the impression of more open spaces, even when the room is exactly the same size. Light grey shades like ash grey, pale grey, pastel grey and silver grey are excellent options for smaller bedrooms.

Choose A Shade That Can Be Combined With An Accent Colour

Adding bright accents to your bedroom walls can really enliven the space with character and personality, so you'll want to choose a shade that works best with the accent colour you choose. Choosing an accent colour will typically depend on the existing décor inside your bedroom to complete a homogenous finish. For instance, if you have blue-inspired furniture, then blue accents will work beautifully in your bedroom. You'll then want to choose a shade of grey that works best with this blue accent. If you choose baby blue accents, then you can work with a light or dark shade of grey. But if you choose darker blue accents, then your best option is to go with a lighter shade of grey for a perfectly balanced bedroom finish.

If you're looking to create a cosy and comfortable feeling for your bedroom, make sure you follow these sharp strategies for the best results. Avoid committing to a single shade until you're completely satisfied.