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Three Novel Wall Decoration Ideas for Your Restaurant

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Want to create a restaurant that offers a truly memorable experience to diners and not just a place to get a snack? Then you need to start from the ground up. Decor plays a huge role in the look, feel and experience of dining in a restaurant. Dull colours, peeling wallpaper or dated decorations won't create a good impression. On the other hand, novel design ideas, interesting execution and creativity can easily turn a restaurant from average to amazing.

Read on for three novel wall decoration ideas that will make your establishment stand out from the crowd.

Chalkboard wall for menus

Do you like to experiment regularly with new dishes, or create special menus for special occasions? Creating a chalkboard wall gives you much more room to get creative than a standard specials board would. Choose a wall that's visible from most seats in the restaurant, and use special black chalkboard paint to cover it. You'll then be able to test out different menus and see how they go down with customers. You could provide a vegan specials board one day, and switch to gluten-free the next. Use chalkboard pens to create stunning, colourful effects, or stick with old-fashioned chalk for a traditional look.

Themed mural

If you run a themed restaurant then a mural is a great way to tie everything together. Perhaps you serve food from a certain decade? A mural depicting the local area at that time will be a great talking point and a way to attract new customers. Source old photographs, make sketches and hire a professional mural painter to complete the work. If you specialise in a certain type of cuisine, a mural can be a fun way to teach customers all about it. For example, a mural depicting various different herbs and spices with labels and descriptions.

Magnetic wall for kids

Do you cater to a lot of younger customers? Then covering a wall in magnetic paint and providing plenty of magnets is a great way to keep them occupied. You could paint a strip alongside tables which are pushed against the wall, so kids don't even have to leave their seats to play. Choose magnets with a culinary theme, like fruits and vegetables or pots and pans. For older kids, magnetic matching games are fun and engaging: you could even offer a free kids' dessert for completed puzzles.

Want to create a restaurant that's more than just a place to eat? Start by talking to a paint company.