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3 Ways To Use A Grey Colour Scheme On You Home's Exterior

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Like all aspects of home design, exterior colour palettes for paint change and evolve over time. If the outside of your house hasn't been repainted for a decade or more, then chances are the colour scheme is looking a little tired, dated and unfashionable.

Repainting the exterior of your home is important to maintain and protect the timber cladding. It's also a great opportunity to give your home a modern makeover by using a contemporary colour scheme that provides a fresh look.

A recent trend for exterior paint is using grey as the basis for a monochromatic palette. If you'd like to modernise the outside of your home, here are three ways that you can use a grey colour scheme to create an updated and attractive new look.

1. Pale on pale

Another exterior paint trend of recent years is an all-white palette for every feature of a home's exterior. This look is bright and light, but it can also feel a little stark and cold for some people. You can get the same overall bright effect without the starkness by using a mix of pale greys and grey-tinged whites instead.

Choose slightly lighter and darker shades of the same base grey colour to paint different features such as walls, doors, window frames and eaves. The slight variation in colours adds subtle highlights and contrast to enhance and define the different elements of the facade.

2. Deep and dark

Using a grey palette for your home's exterior doesn't limit you to soft, pale variations of the shade. Deep and dark greys are also trending, with colours based on slate, graphite, charcoal and granite being popular choices. A dark grey can add a richness and elegance that is a thing apart from sticking to lighter colours.

While it's possible to use dark greys on the entire surface of a home's exterior, you might find that this look is a little too dark and moody for your taste. You can lift the entire look by adding highlights of lighter shades on small features such as eaves and window frames.

3. Warm and welcoming

When you think of grey, you might imagine a fairly plain and cool colour that isn't equated with a warm and welcoming palette. However, it's possible to create a colour palette that has subtle warmth and charm if you choose the right shades of grey.

All paints are mixed with a base hue that is generally either warm or cool. By choosing a grey that has a warm undertone, such as yellow, red or orange, you can add a glow to your home's exterior that is hard to visually perceive but is nonetheless effective and enhancing.

Some of these decisions may seem difficult to make on your own, so work with residential house painters to plan and execute your exterior updates.