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5 Reasons to Repaint Your Car Park Lines

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Car parks, like any other part of your business, do require some periodic maintenance. One of the more important but simpler of these maintenance needs is repainting the car park lines. 

1. Increase Safety

A well-marked car lot is simply safer compared to the alternative. Crosswalks can help pedestrians navigate the lot with less danger from moving vehicles, for example. Cars will know which direction to drive through the lot, which will minimise the chances of a collision. Without visible lines, a busy parking lot can become a bit chaotic, which increases the chances of an accident.

2. Reduce Traffic

When properly laid out and designed, a well-lined car park directs traffic so that there are rarely bottlenecks or backups on the lanes. Cars can move smoothly from the entrance to a parking spot and then to the exit because the drivers can easily tell where to go. This reduction in traffic makes your business more appealing to potential customers, as well, since no one enjoys driving in a busy congested car park. 

3. Improves Flow

Being able to find one's way around a larger car park can be frustrating if the lines and other markings aren't very clear. Line painting is more than just marking out the parking spaces; your service will also place wayfinding markings on the pavement for drivers to follow. This may include directional arrows or specially painted curbs and spaces for pickup and loading zones.

4. Meets Regulations

Regulations cover the layout and components necessary for a proper car park, and failure to meet these guidelines can lead to fines. Your line painting service can ensure that your lot is marked according to the various rules that regulate parking zones such as disabled parking schemes and emergency vehicle access areas. You won't have to worry about learning and implementing the rules yourself since you will have professional lot design and line help.

5. Looks Nicer

A freshly lined car park simply looks better than one with faded, chipped and peeling old lines. The lines will be easier to see when the pavement is wet, as well. When new car park lining is combined with a freshly cleaned or resurfaced parking lot, the effect is much the same as if you had an entirely new car park installed. 

Contact a line painting service if you are ready to refresh the car park lines in your company's lot.