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3 Tips for Choosing the Right Colour for Your Business

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Paint not only protects the walls of your commercial space from elements but also impacts your staff, customers and guests. The right colour makes your customers comfortable and inspires productivity in your staff. 

Here are tips to help you choose the best paint colour for your business premises.  

Check Your Environment

Firstly, determine if you want a colour that deadens or amplifies your environment. For instance, if your location is known for dark, cold winters, opt for warmer colours to lift the comfort levels of your pace. Here, colours like yellow, red or orange colours might just do the trick. 

In a sunny coastal location, bright and warm colours can give your business a welcoming look. Saturated or dark colours don't do well in all-year sunshine places because they fade quickly and call for frequent paint jobs. Furthermore, dark paints absorb heat, which raises indoor temperatures.

Whichever colours you choose for your business, ensure they complement the building's interior, exterior and landscaping components. 

Consider Your Type of Business

Many people associate paint colours with different feelings and emotions. As such, you need to select a colour scheme that matches your type of work. Consider a colour that boosts employee morale and productivity in a manufacturing setup where repetitive jobs take long hours to finish.

For social environments (like fitness gyms), you should paint colours that create an energetic and social atmosphere. Consider a blue colour if you run a business that requires teamwork to get the job done. The colour is known to enhance open communication and calm the mind. If your commercial facility is home to different types of businesses, you can select a neutral colour palette to appeal to tenants.

Factor In Your Customer and Employee Base

As you select a colour for your new office, have your employees and target customers in mind. The colour choice influences how you and other people feel about the business. Ideally, you should choose business colours that appeal to your target demographic. Bolder colours appeal to young people, while muted and neutral colours appeal to older, mature clients.

Also, keep in mind how a particular colour selection will affect your customers. If you are a doctor, you want a colour that reflects serenity.

The right business colours allow you to create a productive environment that also reflects your brand. A commercial painter can help you choose the right colours for your business and perform the paint job efficiently and skillfully. 

Contact a commercial painter to learn more.